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Hi there!

I’ve to be honest. Wow It’s a hard job to keep up with everything like your blog, administration, planning, improving, developing, creating, organising, inventing and so on. These last months made me realize that you have to give yourself or your company the time to grow. It’s such a struggle for me because I find it hard to gives things time. But I realize that this growth proces is very important. You’ll make mistakes and you get up. This is simply what makes you stronger:)

I just read everything back from what I wrote to you. It’s funny how passionate I am regarding ilovefashionbloggers. Currently our focus is the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A. Let me tell you something about this. We strongly believe in the power and impact of online meets offline. By organizing blogger network drinks and brainstorm sessions before we noticed that bloggers love to meet each other offline. The fashion blogger industry is rapidly growing day by day. You have to compare it with the DJ industry. At that time it was a super new industry where people actually had no idea. Same here, new bloggers come and go. Don’t have a clue about SEO, business, management, strategy, how to grow and become bigger (unless they planned it and are working with a team) Most fashion bloggers are young and becoming big. Getting big just happened to some without even thinking business wise.. Don’t forget when you start a blog, you start a brand. When you are big blogger you actually function as an marketing tool with a specific target. It’s super interesting for brands to collaborate with a blogger. 

Magazine these days are not up to date. Mainly you read content from 3 moths ago. While looking in these magazines most of us can’t compare ourselves with a super skinny model who wears an outfit of 5.000 dollar it’s just not approachable. A blogger actually is. It’s a girl from the street who shares their passion, vision and inspiration on the blog. It’s super interesting for brands to interact with these blogger. It’s a new way of advertising which I preferably call product placement. When a blogger wears a new bag from for example Prada and she links the word Prada to Prada’s website. Prada can instantly see the growth. All the traffic from the blogger will lead to Prada’s website. Besides, Prada can see if her audience like that particular product. That easy! I love the web since everything is measurable.

Let’s go back to the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A. Because all these fashion bloggers are in need for inside information about the fashion blogger industry we are organizing the very first fashion blogger seminar. We are the very first in The Netherlands who are organizing on this scale a blogger event like this. We expect it to be a succes since we have the European top bloggers in our line up for this event. ilovefashionbloggers wants to share knowledge to inspire upcoming bloggers. We are providing an intimate environment by introducing a Q&A panel. 150 fashion passionates get the chance to get the latest tips and tricks from experts. We made sure all subjects are covered by experts. All of the top bloggers approach blogging in a different way and with their combined expertise they are ready to give the fashion bloggers the best info they have got. Let me introduce to you Yara Michels, Negin Mirsalehi and Linda Tol.

Yara Michels is blogger at This chick’s got style. Her blog grew to become a well known European blog. She collaborates with brands like Chanel, Olympus, L’Oréal and H&M. In addition to blogging, Yara is a part time features editor at ELLE magazine. She co-wrote a marketing book about how to develop a marketing strategy that actively involves a brand’s ambassadors or fans. This book was nominated for the Marketing Literature Prize 2012. Yara was then nominated as Communication professional of the year (2013). If this isn’t enough she just launched her online magazine Chapter Friday. No wonder she covers everything marketing related during the Q&A. 

Negin Mirsalehi will cover Social Media (and marketing) and I will tell you why. The talented Negin Mirsalehi or better known as Instragam Queen managed to get almost 1 million followers on Instagram in only one year. Negin gets daily 30.000 likes on Instagram per photo. Her blog is growing by the day. She is the rising start in the bloggers world. Not to mention that she already won two awards. She won the Prix de la Mode award by Marie Claire as ’Best New Media Talent’ and one by Stylight as ’Most Promising Fashion Blog’. She knows everything about this subject.

Linda Tol is recognizable for her boyish style, grey hair, colored lips and androgynous look. No wonder every street style wants to take photo’s of her. You see her at every Fashion Week. She gets invites from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and many more. Besides being known for her remarkable looks, Linda uses her expertise in fashion on many different fashion and styling related projects. That’s why she can tell best about street style, pr and photography.

Saturday May 24th is the big day! The Q&A is hosted by the super cool nhow hotel Rotterdam. We are really excited and have great partners and friends who support this initiative. Thank you WeTransfer, Olympus, Loavies, Van den Assem for being our partner! Thank you DL 1961, Rituals, Ross-n-Ford, Mercedes Benz, Vipscooters, Senanga, Pieces and Nino and Frankie for being our friend!

Check http://www.ilovefashionbloggers-events.com for all the details!




Startup tips and trics

Startups come and go. It feels like it’s raining startups, I guess startups belong to this new generation or is it just a trend?. Thanks to technology we are able to start our own ”company”. It used to be just an idea…or dream. As if right now, we can make our dreams come true.  From my experience, some tips:

1. Write your concept down on just one piece of paper. Or even better in a couple of sentences, if you can’t do this than please stop writing.

2. Ask friends, family and other people around you about their opinion. Do they like your concept? You can love it yourself but it might totally suck. It’s better to now know then 100.000 dollars later:) By the way, it’s good for you to talk a lot about your concept. This way you”ll dream about it. Maybe you”ll even get nightmares. Seriously, you give your concept the time to grow and develop. There might be some stuff you haven’t thought about. Not to forget, you develop your presentation and sales skills. (which are very important when you are looking for investors or venture capitalist)

3. Start with the right people who are seriously interested. Right people means: People you know who are an entrepreneur or have good experiences and knowledge of doing business. Please don’t ask your best friend with a hangover from last night for any business advice.

4. If you can’t code, don’t look for a php developer who’s living with his mom and dad. Look for talented people, who are pragmatical and know how to develop business wise.

5. Have a great designer and hire a designer on day one. These days you can’t live without one. People are visual oriented and like to see nice stuff.

6. Looking for investors? Yes, you can try crowdfunding, pretty cool initiative if you ask me. When you don’t have the patience for crowdfunding, be smart and ask intimates if they want to help you. Think of your dad, grandpa or a family friend with a company. Try to find the right mix: Someone who knows a lot of finance, someone who knows a lot of legal affairs, someone who has experience with social media. It’s great when you found people like this. This means that you have all the knowledge in house and there money is in your hands. So believe me, they will chase you and will do (almost) everything to make your business work!

7. If this all isn’t really working for you as in my case. Then try it my way… What I did, was looking for web development companies. After I found out that just a young developer isn’t going to work out. Because it simply takes a lot of money and time…. I rather go to a professional company. They have all the people and skills already in house. Developers, designers, project managers, social media experts etc. Luckily, I found a really good company: BLiSs. They won a couple awards and are based in The Netherlands and Vietnam. BLiSs supports 3 startups a year. I pitched ilovefashionbloggers. They loved it and now we are with 8 people working on ilovefashionbloggers! (It might sounds simple but you know what they say: simplicity can be key to brilliance)

Meet our team!



Changes, new generation or just a trend?

After a few weeks working with the new release we found out that our users are really satisfied. This is great news! Believe it or not, time flies by and release 3.0 is on its way to go live in November. Internet goes so quickly and it’s hard to keep up with all this new technology. Think of businesses like Apple that probably work with online trend forecasters. Sometimes they instantly change features in the design, for instance: round profile images in the new iOS 7. While everybody was just fine with the square ones. Businesses like Instagram follows this trend and adapts this in the design of Instagram. I believe that when you are a startup it’s very easy to go with the flow. You are with a small team so changes like this are easy to implement. But what do you users think, does it really matter? Do we have to follow this trend of round profile images, or just being ourselves and go our own way?

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 17.09.46

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 15.52.21

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 15.53.33

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 15.54.07

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 15.54.21





This week will be all about getting the new release online! I’m pretty existed, there are a lot of improvements going on there. I hope all the users will be excited like I am. When the new release is online, I will add some screenshots to my next blogpost.

Let me get back to you. I actually haven’t post since.. It has been quite rough the last couple of weeks. We have learned a lot.. When we were improving ilovefashionbloggers we had to fix a lot of issues. Some issues we didn’t even know about and just showed up out of nowhere.

It’s pretty hard to start from scratch with a platform. We want to create something you can not live without. Something that you would like to use everyday.. People often think that it’s easy to build a platform such as Facebook in a couple of months. Unfortunately it’s not like that. It’s a long process of developing. It just takes a while before you created a good product… In my opinion that is a good thing, throughout the process you’ll learn what your users want. You know your goals, you know what you want to achieve. Only the road to success can be a bit bumpy. I’m sure that we will make it to our final destination!


Phase 2

It’s been a while! I just want to let you know that the ilovefashionbloggers crew is really hard working on as we call it phase 2. Thank’s to all the dear fashion bloggers and fashion followers comments, suggestions and emails we were able to to create that what the users like!

As you might know ilovefashionbloggers is a startup and what you see right now is the beta version. Our crew decided that this will be the best way to create a very unique product that the users would love. Based on the users opinion we can build new features.

Currently we are improving the design and functionality, when this is done we have to test everything. Excited to see the new release?

Keep you posted!



Kick Off Amsterdam Fashion Week

Last friday ilovefashionbloggers was invited for the Amsterdam Fashion Week Kick Off. We were at Jimmy Pauls show-MaryMe. It was very different from what we are used to. We’ve seen a lot of colors, different materials and a lot of craziness. Very creative… Have you seen the show? And what did you think hot or not?







Pictures are not mine, you can see them here



What an amazing week! Started off with a successful Kick Off followed by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin with our ambassadors (everybody is still excited about the front row seats).

I would like to thank all the fashion bloggers and fashion followers for signing up this week on www.ilovefashionbloggers.com. We survived the first week online and have traffic from 44 different countries. Huge! Thank you early birds for making this happen. Huge! Keep on blogging and spread the love!



Ps. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me (jolique@ilovefashionbloggers.com)


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2013

We had such a great time at MBFW Berlin! Thank you Mercedes Benz for having us! Together with the ilovefashionbloggers crew;  myself -> Jolique (founder ilovefashionbloggers), Lucy (Blogger at Lovely by Lucy) and Jamie-Lee (MR.PR) we drove from The Netherlands to Berlin. We stayed at the Westin Grand really good located in Mitte which is near Fashion Week.

We were enjoying the new collections (6 shows) from the front row! Check this movie to see more ilovefashionbloggers in Berlin: https://vimeo.com/69902443









street-styleTogether with Fashion Blogger Nico! Featured at Palms & Bubbles