A few years ago I got the opportunity to study abroad and I know this might sound a bit cliché but it changed my life. My year in the United States flew by and before I knew it I was graduating in International Business at Northwood University in Palm Beach, Florida. My journey in the United States wasn’t over just yet and I wanted to accomplish my dreams and goals. Every young girl always thinks about the American dream.  Since I was a young girl I was very stubborn; no one could ever tell me what to do. That is why I learned my lesson the hard way. I decided to take a job as a Hostess at Juvia, in Miami Beach. Juvia is Miami’s hotspot crowned by Esquire as best new and upcoming restaurant of the States. Celebrities’ come and go to check out this hot penthouse restaurant with a gorgeous view over the City.  Working in the US was very hard, one day you’re in and the other day you are out. Throughout my journey in the States, I shared my pictures and stories on my blog, that was the perfect way to keep up with my home base. After a while I got the hang of blogging. It became an essential part of my life and my niche was Fashion Blogging. During my blogging I realized it was really hard to build up a big audience in a short amount of time. So, I questioned myself, why isn’t there anything that helps me to promote my blog easily? I simply wrote down my needs and did a lot of research.

Right now I can proudly say that ilovefashionbloggers is online. I’m enjoying working on this startup everyday!


I hope you love it as much as I do!


With love,







ilovefashionbloggers brings fashion bloggers and fashion followers together!


For the fashion follower:
ilovefashionbloggers is the online destination for meeting fashion bloggers. Stay always up to date by following your favorite fashion blogs. We let you decide who’s hot and who’s not! Fashion bloggers from around the world will inspire you about the latest trends and fashion.


For the fashion blogger:
We are going to help you to make a difference. That’s why we created a special banner for you where you get the opportunity to brand yourself. Work your way up by our unique rating system.

This is your chance to become a top blogger!


Take a look into the world of fashion bloggers and the join our community: www.ilovefashionbloggers.com


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